Your Visit

A doctor referral is necessary for testing. If you don’t have a doctor, one of our sleep specialists will evaluate you.

Before Your Sleep Study

Listed below are things you should do to prepare for your sleep study:

  • Hair should be clean and dry
  • Try not to nap (come in sleepy)
  • Eat as you normally would
  • Bring comfortable clothing to sleep in
  • You are welcome to bring your own pillow
  • Please bring your completed questionnaire

If you take any medications that make you drowsy or keep you awake, please call the sleep center prior to your test. If your physician has prescribed you a sleeping pill, please take the prescribed sleeping pill with you to the sleep center. If you have trouble falling asleep the sleep tech will instruct you to take this medication. Feel free to contact the sleep center with any questions or if you need to change your study time to fit your schedule.

Your technician will be awakening you at 6:00 a.m. You may need accompaniment after the test if you have problems staying awake while driving. Please let the sleep technician know if you need to arrive later or leave earlier. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call the sleep center as soon as possible.

Items to Bring to Your Sleep Study

  • Comfortable clothing to sleep in. A technician will be doing your setup prior to starting your study and you will want something that is not only comfortable for sleeping, but that you feel comfortable in during the setup procedure.
  • Any medications that you are taking in their original bottles.
  • If your physician has prescribed a sleeping pill, please bring this with you.
  • Any toiletries you will need to prepare yourself for sleep, and upon awakening.
  • Documents pertaining to your study, found on the Resources page.


Sleep studies are billed as an office visit. ENT sleep center will check your eligibility, but not personal cost for testing. You are urged to contact your insurance company with any questions.