Common Sleep Disorders

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea occurs when breathing is disrupted due to a loss of muscle tone during sleep. Choking, gasping, snoring, and absence of breathing are all evidence of this serious medical condition. Sleep apnea has been linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. This condition is often easily treatable with CPAP. CPAP uses positive pressure allowing normal respiration during sleep, and is usually the first choice in treatment. See more at ENT Sleep Supply


This is one of the most common sleep complaints. It is the inability to fall asleep or maintain sleep when given adequate opportunity. Insomnia may be caused, or worsened, by a variety of physical and/or psychological problems.


Narcolepsy is a condition in which excessive sleepiness, or the irrepressible need to sleep occurs during the daytime, regardless of the amount of sleep a person regularly gets. Some people experience sleep paralysis on awakening, cataplexy (a type of paralysis brought on by strong emotion), and vivid dreams.

Restless leg syndrome

This is an urge to move the legs when at rest, usually accompanied by unpleasant sensations (crawling, burning…).

Periodic limb movements

Although the upper extremities may be involved, this is predominately a rhythmic movement disorder of the legs (twitching, kicking…). The patient is often unaware of these movements, and they may vary widely in frequency from night to night. Some people who suffer from this disorder complain of excessive daytime sleepiness and awaken feeling unrefreshed in the morning.